Hon. Rimbink Pato

Rimbink Pato:  Effective. Honest. Experienced

Rimbink Pato has won a reputation as a highly effective and trusted leader in
Papua New Guinea.

Mr Pato’s contribution to his electorate and his country are becoming legendary.
He is renowned for his expertise in law, the PNG constitution, international relations, business, and his honest service to his electorate and nation.

Since being elected in 2012 to represent Wapenamanda, he has been responsible for many benefits that the people now
enjoy such as:

  •   New bridges and sealed roads
  •   Computer rooms for schools
  •   New police stations
  •   Health clinics
  •   New high court building facility
  •   Jail development
  •   Fencing of the main airport

Nationally, Hon. Rimbink Pato MP is known for his efforts to improve the taxation system, anti-corruption, infrastructure, education and the economy as a Cabinet Minister in the Government.

Internationally, as Foreign Minister and Minister of Immigration, he has good relationships with overseas leaders and foreign ministers of such countries as the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Morocco, Germany, the UK and China.

His diplomatic skills have brought many benefits to PNG, including substantial investments, aid programs, and environmental resources and conversation assistance.


Born in the village of Kopya Pausa in Wapenamanda, he began life in a humble home with no electricity.

His father was a church and community leader and his mother a homemaker. They identified his early promise, and encouraged him at school. He did so well he went to university and qualified as a lawyer.

The rest is history.

He was managing partner of Steeles Lawyers in Port Moresby for more than 20 years.


His expertise in legal matters to do with business—he won hundreds of cases for his clients-- and with the PNG constitution won him a reputation for excellence, as did his role as executive chairman and CEO of Finance Pacific Group of companies.

Now a major political figure, he heads a political party, the United Party, which stands against corruption and puts forwards policies that promote the well-being of all people in PNG.

Rimbink Pato and his wife, Joyce Pato, are parents to three children. One of their personal interests in their leisure time is to sponsor reading materials to combat illiteracy.