Ten Core policies of the United Party

  1. Eradicate corruption.

 2. Improve hospitals, health clinics, medicines, treatment, disease prevention.

  3. Provide free education to all in PNG, and establish technical schools to train our youth in the trades.

  4. Build high quality bridges, roads, schools and hospitals.

  5. Ensure just treatment is delivered by police, courts, correctional services, ombudsman, independent commission against corruption.

  6. Require quality in the delivery of services by district authorities and local government.

  7. Fix the national debt problem.

  8. Increasing tourism to PNG, creating jobs and income for the people.

  9. Closely link foreign policy to development of PNG through partnerships and agreements with key countries and NGOs.

  10. Develop and invest into Small and medium-sized enterprises with a large focus in Agriculture.

Wapenamanda new school buildings

Minister making good relations with Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull